Artists consider their art making tools a very important instrument for them. Whether you are naturally creative or develop your talents through training, it is still crucial to nurture and care your creativity. Here are some tips that you can use to boost their creativity. 


    Maintain an Art Related Idea Notebook 

Bring with you a spiral notebook that will serve as your journal to capture ideas, references, and sketches. Your notebook will resemble an art diary wherein you can record everything and take a glance at it if you want. 

Many artists call this notebook the “swipe file”, it doesn’t promote plagiarism but you just put anything that inspires you especially the things that surround you. That is the main point of having this kind of journal, find things that are inspiring for you and save them for your own purpose later on. It might be useful in the future and will also save you time from rediscovering things.  

    Make an Idea Bulletin Board 

It is beneficial to make a bulletin board wherein you will just post anything that comes in your minds such as quotations, advertisements, pictures or anything that catches your attention. You might in need these artifacts later on. 

    Create an Idea Treasure Chest 

Magazines, quotes, postcards, etc. can be collected and stored in a place that is accessible. It is great that after a while when you open your idea treasure chest, you will rediscover things that previously took your attention or inspired you.  

If your treasure box contains actual things that you can handle then it will be a lot easier to remember ideas, you will recall things in the past and why did you put it in your idea treasure box. You can also see connections from the past that can generate motivation and inspiration for you. 

    Pay Attention to Your Energy Levels  

Do the things or most important art projects that demand your highest creativity when you are fresh and save your more mundane tasks when your creativity level is quite low. Sometimes it is useful to take breaks for you to recharge your creativity level and the tank will fill again. 

Artists have different time spans in which they are capable of producing high-quality creations, it is nice to sense your rhythms and befriend it. It is acceptable to move onto something else where energy is fresh when your inner bell goes off. 

    Split Art Subject to Smaller Parts 

It is recommended to break big and overwhelming projects into smaller parts because it is usually easy to maintain your enthusiasm when you are working on smaller ones rather than the big ones. Do not set yourself to be overwhelmed by expecting to produce too much at a given time, be realistic. You will enjoy your work and become more satisfied if you accomplish smaller bits over a period of time. 

    Do Something During Your Free Time 

If you have excess time, you can involve yourself in any activity that gives you interest. It is beneficial to enroll in online classes such as design classes online wherein you will learn many things from credible sources.